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Agent's investigators are professionals, trained in surveillance, investigations and interviewing. We continually assist attorneys, businesses and individuals in discovering the facts related to their  particular circumstance. Our access to private computer databases that are not available to the public allows us to obtain extensive information in a relative short amount of time. All of our investigations are conducted professionally, confidentially, quickly, accurately and affordably. Our findings in the case are always presented in a format familiar with all attorneys and our investigators are willing to testify in court.

Although we conduct many different types of investigative services for our clients, those listed below comprise the majority of our investigations.

Criminal Defense Investigations

Investigative Services for Attorneys by a qualified expert in criminal investigations, certified by Davidson County Courts...

Mobile Forensics
Data verification and extraction from cell phones
Suicide & Questionable Death Investigations
When a family has questions about the death of a loved one...
Background Investigation

Employee, Criminal, Civil, Tenant...

Domestic Investigation

Infidelity, Cheating Spouse, Child Support ...

Property Crimes

Burglary, Theft ...

Insurance Claims Investigation

Bodily Injury, Worker's Compensation ...



Notary Service is available to all of our clients.

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